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Лог чата с разработчиками от 31 октября
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Добавил Raynor, 31 октября 2006.
Nathaniel Chapman (Prod.)
Eric Novales (Prog.)
Tony Evans (Design)
Ben Ma (Script)
Brock Heinz (Prog.)
Jason Keeney (Prog.)
Adam Brennecke (Prog.)
Scott Everts (Art)
Andrew Woo (Gameplay Programmer)
Josh Sawyer (Lead Designer)

I'd like to welcome everyone to Ship Day Eve for NWN 2. Thanks to the OE Guys and to Shane for coming tonight and for giving us one last chance for bloo....I mean, for answers to those burning questions that just won't wait another 24 hours (in the US). Without further ado, I'll let the guys introduce themselves as if you don't already know them and then we'll get the questions rolling.

Oakwarrior: What's your most memorable moment of NWN2, developing wise?

[OEI]JESawyer My favorite memory wasn't a specific event as much as the point where the mess of stuff we had been working on started to really feel like a fun game. It's always hard to work through painful engine restructuring, but eventually it becomes something really cool, and it's a great feeling.

[OEI]Novales: For me, it's the point at which we had a level with all the bells and whistles going...and you step back and say, "hey, the game really does look good!"

,b>BigBottom: Question - are there any major differences between the prerelease toolset and the release version?

[OEI]Novales: Yes -- actually, I'm going to combine this with the new stuff in the patch. There's some UI tweaks, a lot of assorted bug/stability fixes, the PWC (persistent world client) support... some new UI chrome...basically, lots of good stuff. We tried not to break existing APIs, but plugin authors may need to rebuild their plugins for the release/patch toolset.

[OEI]nchap: Tons of descriptions for fields, too, so it should be a little less intimidating :)

FuMiga: Will the community (specially those that are 3d artists) get their hands on a 3d studio plugin to import/export?

We are currently looking at the possibility of releasing our internal 3D Studio Max Plugin for model exporting. There are reasons, legal and technical, why it didn't ship with the game, but it is absolutely something we want the community to have. So - I would say, outlook is good, but we can't guarantee anything 100%.

Avatar--: Will NWN2 support Widescreen (1920x1200) ?

[OEI]JESawyer: Yeah. I play in 1920x1200 on my laptop and everyone cries and I laugh.

[OEI]nchap: Also one of the QA leads downstairs plays in a widescreenish windowed format: correction: 16:9

[RDS]Snowy: How many endings does NWN2 have?

[OEI]TonyE: NWN2 has two main different endings, but within those two endings are multiple variations of outcomes based on the players decisions throughout the course of the game.

DLA|Zomb: Question: Will we see church / temple (or other) tilesets in the retail toolset?

[OEI]nchap> Not as of yet. The tilesets that were in the presale toolset are all that will be included in the toolset at release. However, and this goes back to the whole model exporter question, I would expect to see you guys (both the community in general and DLA specifically) putting tilesets up. As for new OEI-made tilesets, we do plan to support the game post launch, but when and how new content will be made. And how that'll be delivered and what form it'll take is up to community feedback and what we feel will be best for the game.

BigBottom: Question - Will there ever be any chance of the awesome spell Otto's Irresistable Dance being included in NWN2 or future products?

[OEI]JESawyer: Otto's is a great spell and I'm sure we could implement the basic effects, but we'd need to add dancing umber hulk animations. So... no.

Atrokkus-CRPGru: Question: What made you implement the non-lethal combat system? Will modders be able to make it, say, Icewind Dale style again, where people actually get killed?

[OEI]JESawyer: The death system in our OC is scripted specifically for our story. From the beginning, companions were very integral to our storyline. This is the fundamental reason why we use this death system. However, the "old" death system is what campaigns use by default and I'm sure builders will script their own variants as well.

Ochobee: The DM client that comes in the patch is listed as a beta version. Is any time allocated to improving it, or is it planned to just make it as functional as it was in NWN1?

[OEI]AnthonyD: ZOMG DM CLIENT!?!one!

[OEI]nchap: Well - as the patch notes say, we plan to release patches in the future that will improve the functionality, interface, etc. of the DM Client.

[OEI]AdamB: We are planning on feature parity as soon as possible. There's a few things missing in the beta DMC, but with new scripting commands you can do a whole lot more as a DM now.

[RR]BlackmageMaster: What is the current experience level cap in the release?

[OEI]Brock: There may also be a few small options in a future revision of the DMC that were not available in NWN1, though I can't give specifics yet...

[OEI]Wootang: With a commersurate XP cap to allow all player-playable ECL races able to reach 20.

[OEI]Wootang> Oh and the level/xp caps are campaign specific.

[OEI]Brock: What's more, EXP Caps and Level Caps can be set seperately on a per-campaign basis, to allow tuning with regards to races that have ECL modifiers.

[OEI]Wootang: As well as being independent of one another. What he said.

[RDS]andnico: I was curious about what kind of NPC's we'll be seeing in the main quest, and if any of the devs had any paticular npc's they really liked and why?

[OEI]JESawyer: I really liked Ribsmasher. He's a crazy monk that I made in homage to a Pool of Radiance NPC. He was actually a pretty dumb character, but Eric Fenstermaker and Jeff Husges made him cool. He runs around and beats the snot out of all enemies... and then doors, tables, chests, etc. Also, I really liked Sand as a companion. Great dialogue.

[OEI]TonyE: My personal favorite character is one of the guys you see in our Intro movie, though I cannot say more without spoiling our awesome story ;-)

[OEI]nchap: I really like Tarmas, who is this wizard who is just a total jerk in the first town. He's super arrogant and pretty funny. And I like the way he's VOed. You can tell he thinks he's better than everyone else.

Quake: Is it true that those who purchase the collectors edition receive a signed, 8X10 glossy of J.E. Sawyer?

[OEI]JESawyer: Ladies only.

[OEI]AnthonyD: Is there some deeper meaning to his silence? only time will tell.

Targeter: How does alignment related DR work in NWN2? There is no item property for aligned weapons, and I notice in the bless weapon spell script that it was changed to give an enhancement bonus of +1 versus evil. Is enhancement bonus versus alignment the same as the weapon piercing alignment related DR? (bonus vs evil acting as good aligned weapon, bonus vs lawful acting as chaotic aligned weapon, etc).

[OEI]Wootang: Aligned weapons are implied by the bonus vs. alignment on-hit effect. So dmg vs. evil means a good-aligned weapon. Be careful with dmg. vs. lawful evil, for example. That doesn't count as aligned anything. I.e. it is neither a Chaotic nor a Good aligned weapon.

[OEI]JESawyer: I am here to agree with Andy.

DLA|Daemon: Question: Are ECL Races "Hardcoded", or can they be turned off?

[OEI]Brock: The ECL settings are determined by the racialsubtypes.2da You can also tag a particular race as not being selectable by players during character creation.

FacelessSoul: With the somewhat steep learnig curve of the new toolset, is there a plan for perhaps a NWN2 Toolset for Dummies or the like in the future?

[OEI]nchap: Actually, yes - and not that far into the future. Brady Games is going to be releasing a World Builder Guide that is quite detailed and had a lot of input from the dev team in creating it. In addition, as I mentioned before, there are a lot more text descriptions coming in the Toolset with the first patch (v1.01)

Angelous: Will Drow be included with their actual 3.5 racial features?

[OEI]Brock: We did not implement Drow exactly to the printed 3.5e rules, but we got pretty close.

[OEI]TonyE: The World Builder Guide is awesome.

H0LyHandGrenade: What are the current plans for a linux client or a dedicated server?

[OEI]nchap: Right now, there are no plans for a linux client or dedicated server. We may do these, particularly the dedicated server, in the future, but at the moment I have no additional information on that. The Windows Dedicated Server will be included in Patch 1, along with the DM Client.
TehCrim: I'm fairly concerned about J.E. Sawyer's apparent obsession with the 'Gith' races; do they feature prominently in the official campaign?

[OEI]JESawyer: Patrick Mills is the obsessed one, and he is a very sick young man. However, gith are "prominent" in the OC.

[OEI]Brock: Josh actually has a "tickle me githzerai" in his office. (j/k)

[OEI]TonyE: Actually Sawyer inherited the gith races from Ferret, who was quite promiscuous in the Inner Planes....

[OEI]jk: for the record, there are several of Josh's obsessions that have us fairly concerned too...

Baldurien: I have bought a Core II Duo (E6400) but NWN2 is said to not support dual core (except for the toolset). Is it possible to have such support in a future patch? or an expansion?

[OEI]Brock: We've actually answereed this one a few times in the forums...

[OEI]Novales: While complete support for dual core in the game would be a "rewrite the game" proposition, we are considering some places where we might be able to put in support for this so that fans who have beefy machines get some love :)

[OEI]nchapman: Note: The game *will* run on dual core systems, it's just that as of release, the client will not utilize the second core - only the toolset will.

[ALFA]Ronan: Question: Can you say if a 64-bit binary is or isn't going to be available at some point in the future? Obvliously I ask because of the VM size limitations of 32-bit addressing.

[OEI]jk: I dont think its likely that we'll see a 64-bit version... like the "core duo" question, that kind of thing falls into the "complete rewrite" territory. 32 bit addressing to just too deeply engrained in the NWN2 engine and in the NWN1 systems that its built upon.

FacelessSoul: Is NWN2 ready for Vista? Has it been tested with RC2 and will it take advantage of multi-core (2 and UP)?

[OEI]nchap: Of course, we can't support Vista until it ships :) But it has been tested and does behave well from a Vista perspective (in regards to limited user accounts, keeping files in the My Documents folder, etc.) The multi core question's already been answered.

Targeter: There is quite a bit of epic level content in the pre-release toolset. How much of this is currently functional or nonfunctional (e.g. would adding Dev Crit to a fighter PC via script allow the fighter to properly use the feat)? Specifics would be appreciated.

[OEI]JESawyer: It's all commented out in code. And the scripts, while present, have certainly not been tested. So for practical purposes, it's not there.

[OEI]Brock: I'd leave the Epic stuff alone. Even if parts of it appeared to work, there could be a lot not functioning correctly "under the hood".

Finamenon: I am curious whether or not the newest patch has any stability fixes for the toolset, as mine and otehrs I have spoken with seem to have the same issue :) That being a toolset crash on area load about 50% of the time.

[OEI]Novales: Yes -- there are several fixes in the patch that alleviate these kinds of problems. NB: there are actually more changes to the toolset than there are listed in the patch notes...

Ochobee: Are there any cameos from characters from either well-known D&D novels or prior games by Bioware/BI/Obsidian? With the long history of some of the people involved, is there any chance for some Interplay/Black Isle/Bioware/Obsidian easter eggs?

[OEI]AnthonyD: A certain bard has already been leaked to the general NWN community but he will be making an appearance

[OEI]TonyE: More like Dinosaur Eggs. Just wait and see...

[OEI]JESawyer: There are a small number of easter eggs. We tried to keep that stuff low key to not grate on people who dislike tons of immersion-breaking stuff.

Truwen: With Wildshape being a big part of druids, how was it implemented this time around? Are the creatures we can shift into pre-set or is there a system that we can "study" a creature in order to wildshape into it?

[OEI]Wootang: Wildshape == polymorph. It has preset creatures and dire versions thereof. Elemental shape is also in, with fire, water, air, earth.

[OEI]Brock: (badger badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger....)

[OEI]Wootang: Plus bigger versions of each. Snake! DIRE! BADGER! However, it is possible to modify the wildshape script and add your own polymorph models. It's all 2da driven.

Argent_Gish: The level cap in NWN2 is level 20, but what do you think is the highest level we can reach in the campaign? I recently played through the NWN campaign, and I reached Morag at level 15. After defeating her, I got to level 16.

[OEI]JESawyer: You certainly can reach 20, though there's no guarantee you will. If you are a non-ECL race, you'll definitely get into the high teens. By doing side content, you can get to 20.

[OEI]nchap: It'll be pretty tough to hit 20 if you have a harsh ECL. Drow-er beware.

[OEI]TonyE: There are so many sidequests and such in NWN2 it is hard to get through them all in one playthrough, but if you are a completion fanatic you should have no trouble getting to 20.

Targeter: How much additional room in the 2das will OEI be using for future expansions? Bioware published a list of safe line numbers to start adding custom content at for NWN1, can we get a list like that now/in the near future?

[OEI]JESawyer: We padded 30 lines in most .2das, with exceptions made for larger (spells.2da) or smaller (gender.2da) lists. And by "we", I mean Annie Carlson.

[OEI]Brock: There are lines in the .2DAs clearly marked as "PADDING". we won't be modifying those.

Baldurien: I don't know how to turn it better, but I'd like to get their word on copy protection.

[OEI]Novales: NWN2 uses SecuROM and a CD key for multiplayer -- basically, the same as the first game.

[OEI]JESawyer: Each copy of NWN2 will start installation with the famous rap video for "Don't Copy That Floppy".

[OEI]Novales: Basically, if you're concerned about's not in NWN2.

[OEI]JESawyer: We believe this will send a strong message to the gamers of 2006.

FacelessSoul: Will the game support multi-monitor modes? Has any dev tested the game with Stereo3d gear using the native nvidia support.

[OEI]Novales: The game doesn't support multiple monitors. The toolset does, though -- and it's really handy. Actually, I should clarify -- the game works if you have multiple monitors. We don't display on multiple monitors at a time, though.

Matt_D: Hi there - Inquiring minds want to know - Is NWN2 the greatest game on the face of this planet? And is it true that while Tony Evans makes gold records, he puts his pants on, one leg at a time, just like the rest of us?

[OEI]TonyE: Yes! NWN2 is, in fact, the greatest game on the face of this planet. I've heard even rubbing the box on your head can cure baldness...

[OEI]nchap: Patently false. Tony Evans does not wear pants.

[OEI]TonyE: And the more copies you buy for yourself and your friends and family, the greater it will get. Actually I put my pants on by hovering in the air and using my telekinetic powers to pull both legs up at once.
[OEI]JESawyer: Actually, reports are coming on that NWN2 is the second best game on this planet, but it does top the chart on Uranus.

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